New York Times reporta la detención, tras su renuncia y proceso judicial, de Perez Molina

Hours after resigning his post as the president of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, a former general and the nation’s most powerful man, was sent to jail to await the conclusion of an evidentiary hearing into his role in a multimillion dollar customs fraud.
The decision to detain Mr. Pérez Molina, much like his resignation, is unprecedented in Guatemalan history and was a stunning conclusion to a day of swift change in the Central American nation. Mr. Pérez Molina tendered his resignation overnight, and by midmorning on Thursday the country’s Congress had accepted it. He then presented himself before the courts for the evidentiary hearing, where prosecutors played more than six hours of wiretapped conversations.
At the conclusion of the hearing, which will resume early Friday, the judge ordered the former president to be held at Matamoros prison in central Guatemala City. Mr. Pérez Molina, on his way out of the courtroom, spoke briefly to reporters, maintaining his composure.

“It’s one thing to listen but another thing to investigate,” he said, referring to the long day of taped conversations. “All Guatemalans have to respect the law, and I assure you I will respect the law and this process.”

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